What’s The Difference Between the Baby Blues and Postpartum Depression?

Difference Between the Baby Blues and Postpartum Depression

When a mother welcomes a new child into the world, her life is bound to change drastically. Between the changes in lifestyle, schedules, and priorities, it’s a known fact that parenting is a major adjustment.

But what about the changes going on beneath the surface for a mother?

On top of everything else that’s changing about your life, you’ve noticed that your moods are unpre-dictable. You’re stressed, overwhelmed, and completely exhausted. All of these symptoms add up and, on most days, you feel depressed.

I know that I’m supposed to feel overwhelmed and exhausted as a new mom, you think, but I feel hopeless….and empty. Something about this doesn’t seem right – it isn’t normal.

It is common for a new mother to experience sadness and anxiety within the first couple of days or weeks of childbirth. But if your feelings grow more severe and continue longer than this, you might be experiencing something more serious – postpartum depression or PPD.

“Postpartum” refers to the time after childbirth, during which many mothers experience a range of symptoms from mood swings and reduced concentration to trouble eating or sleeping. Yet, this period is often referred to as the mere “baby blues” – at least when the symptoms diminish within one week following childbirth.

While the baby blues and postpartum depression share many of the same symptoms, the difference is how intensely and for how long you experience them.

A few of these symptoms include:

• Severe mood swings
• Severe anxiety or panic attacks
• Significant changes in appetite
• Loss of energy or overwhelming fatigue
• Oversleeping or insomnia
• Feelings of hopelessness, inadequacy, or shame
• Withdrawal from friends and family
• Trouble concentrating or thinking clearly

If your “postpartum” blues have persisted for longer than two weeks, then you may have postpartum depression. PPD can significantly interfere with your ability to care for and even bond with your baby. It may also lead to recurring thoughts of suicide or death.

If you are suffering from PPD or think you may be, don’t expend more time or worry over self-diagnosing or wondering whether there is a treatment that will work as quickly as you need it to. Schedule a virtual consultation with our team at our LA or Santa Monica office for an initial evaluation for Zulresso, an alternative, FDA-approved treatment for PPD proven to help alleviate symptoms of PPD quickly and effectively.

Innovative Treatments for Postpartum Depression

Zulresso is one effective treatment that we use for our patients at Bespoke Treatment for Postpartum Depression. TMS therapy is also an effective therapy for PPD that uses magnetic pulses—similar to those of an MRI machine—to awaken parts of the brain underactive in people who suffer from depression.

At Bespoke Treatment, we don’t just develop a personalized treatment plan based on your symptoms and medical history. We also combine treatments and adjust dosage as needed along the way so that your treatment remains individualized to you from start to finish. You can beat Pospartum Depression! We’re here to help.

These feelings of emptiness and hopelessness after childbirth were not part of the transition to motherhood that you expected nor could have ever planned for. But after just 2.5 days of Zulresso treatment, you can plan to leave here once treatment ends, feeling how you once thought you would as a new mom – if not better.

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