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Alternative Treatments to Depression that Work

Say goodbye to cookie-cutter psychiatry and hello to Bespoke Treatment. Our philosophy is that we understand that no two people are alike, so we create personalized treatment plans for every single person that walks through our door. Our Las Vegas, NV office specializes in personalized Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and ketamine therapy, where we combine our knowledge of the latest science with each person’s symptoms, histories, and respective goals into our individualized treatment plans.


Our Therapy Options

Your plan will be created based on what you need. Learn about our most common treatment options.

TMS Therapy

TMS Therapy is a highly effective alternative treatment for depression. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation uses magnetic pulses to stimulate areas of the brain that have been shown to be underactive in people with depression.

Accelerated TMS

This is a great option to treat depression and anxiety in just 5-10 days. Accelerated TMS clusters the TMS sessions together, with some types (such as SAINT) showing a success rate above 79%.

Ketamine Infusions

Ketamine infusions work faster than most antidepressants, with many patients feeling relief during their first session. They are administered in our office under careful guidance and supervision.


Spravato esketamine nasal spray is a great alternative to ketamine infusions for those who are looking for an option covered by insurance. Spravato is closely related to ketamine, but has the advantage of formal FDA approval for treatment-resistant depression.

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Many sufferers of depression, PTSD, anxiety, bipolar, and OCD have been prescribed anti-depressants (SSRIs) with limited success and disruptive side effects. Our individualized approach to mental health embraces multiple alternative therapies that may be employed in conjunction with traditional psychotherapy methods. Our success rates are incredibly promising, in particular with people who have struggled with traditional meds or treatment resistant depression. Our highly personalized TMS treatment plans have been shown to be 92.5% effective when tailored to your needs.


TMS Therapy

Accelerated TMS

Ketamine Infusions


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Who Can Benefit

Most of the time depression is found in patients who suffer from multiple conditions. Learn about the conditions we treat.


Depression interferes with your thoughts and feelings. It may cause you to feel intense sadness or apathy and disrupt your daily life.


Anxiety is a condition that causes intrusive thoughts, fears, and worries. It can manifest physically in increased heart rate and shortness of breath.


ADHD is a disorder that affects your ability to concentrate and decreases impulse control. It often makes work and home life difficult.


PTSD comes from experiencing a traumatic event. It is normal to feel anxious or depressed afterward, which can worsen over time.

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Results that Last

Bespoke Treatment focuses on non-medication treatments that last. We are the first boutique center in Southern California to specialize in personalised TMS therapy, Ketamine treatment, and neurofeedback. We accept most insurance plans and our administrative team makes the claim process easy. We guide new patients through every step of the process and help obtain any prior authorization on your behalf.

92.5% of our patients experience benefits from TMS when medifications fail


Insurance Coverage

Our Las Vegas office is located in the Rancho Oakey neighborhood, near Valley Hospital. This area is home to many medical facilities and doctor’s offices. We’re not far from US15 and The Strip.

Las Vegas, the Entertainment Capital of the World, is in Clark County in Nevada. Famously known for mega-casinos situated on and off The Strip, it is has the largest population of any city in Nevada. It is known as the brightest spot on earth, with millions of lights dotting The Strip. The Bellagio and its fountains, MGM Grand, The Wynn, and the Flamingo are some of the more well known casinos. The oldest still running casino is Golden Gate in the Fremont Street area, opening in 1906.

Beyond gambling, Vegas shopping and dining are world-class. Tourism is the largest industry, with hospitality and conventions dominating the economy. Over 42 million people visit Las Vegas every year.

The main airport is McCarran International. Allegiant Air has its headquarters here. Also are headquartered in Vegas. The world’s largest marijuana dispensary, operated by Planet 13, is located in Vegas as well, over 100,000 square feet.

The three major sports teams are the Las Vegas Raiders (NFL) and Vegas Golden Knights (NHL), and WNBA team Las Vegas Aces.

Situated in the Mojave desert, the climate is arid and hot in the summer, with searing temperatures well over 100 degrees F during the day. Evening temps commonly drop even 30 degrees at night. Only about 4 inches or rain falls annually.


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