Online Intensive Outpatient Program

The online Intensive Outpatient Program is an immersive, cross-disciplinary, individually-tailored approach to treating depression, anxiety, PTSD, and OCD. And this version of the comprehensive program takes place entirely online, allowing you the freedom to maximize your time and find the relief you need while still at home.

Online Intensive Outpatient Program

The online Intensive Outpatient Program is an immersive, cross-disciplinary, individually-tailored approach to treating depression, anxiety, PTSD, and OCD. And this version of the comprehensive program takes place entirely online, allowing you the freedom to maximize your time and find the relief you need while still at home. This program is now covered under most insurances.

Bespoke Treatment Online Intensive
Outpatient Program

While most practitioners treat conditions in an isolated way, following a cookie-cutter script to treat patient after patient, we’ve found that personalized and comprehensive treatment strategies yield far better results. The IOP is 100% tailored to you and your history — no two treatment plans are alike — so you can finally break through and find the long-lasting results you’ve been looking for.


A Personal Roadmap to Long-Lasting Health

Your treatment journey won’t be the same as anyone else’s because your situation, your goals, and your style of healing are not the same as anyone else’s. For that reason, we don’t offer a one-size-fits-all plan or schedule for progress. Instead, our team of experts pays close attention to your individual situation and guides you through the right-fit objectives at a pace that’s right for you.


What's Involved?

The program starts with a consultation. From there, our team will outline for you an individualized treatment journey based on your medical history and personal goals. When developing your treatment plan, we go beyond standard medications and talk therapy to incorporate other scientifically-backed treatments, such as EMDR, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, and/or DBT.

Every plan also involves some form of group therapy, which we’ve found often enriches and expedites individual outcomes. Through small group interactions, people often find unexpected insights and encouragement from the perspectives and experiences of others. Insights gained in these settings can frame your individual therapeutic efforts in a new light that leads to new breakthroughs for you and for those around you.

As you move forward on your journey, our team regularly checks in on your experience, looking for opportunities to better support you and working with you to modify your plan as needed.

What's the Difference Between the Online IOP and Bespoke Treatment's Other Treatment Options?

Our other treatment programs target specific outcomes for specific conditions. For some people, this can be enough to achieve the personal goals they seek.

The IOP sets up a personal roadmap for ongoing mental health and wellness. These programs take an integrated approach in order to help you address the present while also building new skills for the future.

How is the Online IOP Different from the IOP?

The IOP involves in-person appointments at one of our facilities in Santa Monica and/or Downtown Los Angeles. The in-person IOP offers some telemedicine solutions for certain types of therapy sessions, depending on scheduling and clinical appropriateness. Nonetheless, we are only able to serve patients who live in the state of California at this time.

The online IOP, on the other hand, only utilizes telemedicine. Consultations, check-ins, and therapeutic sessions take place online. Ketamine medications, if applicable, are delivered by mail and taken under the virtual guidance of one of our team members. Meditation training, yoga classes, and other treatments are all conducted through secure telemedicine channels. With the online IOP, you don’t need to deal with the hassles of commuting and long lines at the pharmacy, so you can instead focus on the one thing that matters: your life and living it well.

Not very tech-savvy? No problem. We’ll guide you through any technical questions you have to help you get comfortable and make sure you get the most out of your program.

Summary of Integrated Treatments

Ketamine can provide rapid — even immediate — relief from the symptoms of depression, PTSD, anxiety, and chronic pain. In the online program, it’s self-administered in the form of rapid dissolve tablets (RDTs). RDTs are preferable to the more commonly used lozenges because of the higher bioavailability and easy absorption. Ketamine is often effective for those for whom other medications or treatments for depression have failed.

Psychiatry takes an integrated approach toward depression, anxiety, and other psychological conditions — marrying medical support with emotional and behavioral support to uniquely fit you and help you move closer to your personal goals. Due to its individualized style, psychiatry can be highly effective for those for whom unilateral treatments have failed. All patients admitted to the online IOP will be overseen by our psychiatric team. Our psychiatric team may or may not recommend additional medications to support your needs.

Most of the brain’s structures and processes are nonverbal — and the way we move is key to our mental health. Mindful physicality, rhythmic motion, breath activation, and postural adjustments all serve to activate deep brain and body systems that help build self-regulation skills, cognitive flexibility, body health, and overall wellbeing. Movement-based therapy has been shown to be particularly valuable to those with depression, anxiety, and PTSD.
Mindfulness is a skill set that helps you notice your own thoughts and behaviors, which then allows you to effectively self-regulate and set yourself up for a healthy mental, emotional, and behavioral response to whatever situation you find yourself in. We train you in mindfulness techniques so that you can build and sustain a new lifestyle of healthy mental habits that lasts for the long term.
Dialectical Behavioral Therapy is another highly effective, evidence-based type of talk therapy. We use DBT to raise mindfulness and to support the development of emotion regulation, resilience, and communication skills, which serve to broadly improve quality of life.
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a highly effective, action-oriented style of talk therapy. We use CBT to address maladaptive thought patterns and to proactively build new skills for responding to negative ideas and situations.
Group therapy can be an effective way to grow and receive support from others in the community who are working through the same challenges you are, all under the guidance of an expert therapist. Group therapy sessions are kept small and are 100% confidential. Sessions are typically held in the afternoons and evenings.
One-on-one therapy sessions give you dedicated time to actively evaluate your current situation with a therapist. They may suggest modifications to your treatment plan or guide you through new strategies based on your individual needs. They may also encourage you to invite a close loved one to some of your sessions, but the choice to do so or not is always yours.

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