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Our patients find depression, anxiety and OCD relief even after other treatments or meds haven’t worked.

TMS Therapy, Ketamine Treatments, IOP, & More in Our Downtown Los Angeles Clinic

Alternative treatments to Depression that work

You have our commitment that we don’t treat you like a number at Bespoke Treatment Los Angeles. Instead, we create holistic and personalized treatments that take into account your specific symptoms, history, needs, and overall goals. We believe in an integrative approach that involves specialists from various fields such as IOP and TMS Therapy, all rooted in the latest scientific research. Our approach is integrative and holistic—with providers of all different specialties working with you—while also remaining deeply rooted in the latest science. We specialize in prioritizing your mental health, physical health, brain health, and overall wellbeing.


Our Therapy Options

Your plan will be created based on what you need. Learn about our most common treatment options.

TMS Therapy

TMS Therapy is a highly effective alternative treatment for depression. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation uses magnetic pulses to stimulate areas of the brain that have been shown to be underactive in people with depression.

Accelerated TMS

Instead of coming in once a day for 2 months, we also offer the latest Accelerated TMS protocols. The SAINT protocol, a type of Accelerated TMS, was recently shown in a study to treat depression with a 79% success rate in just 5 days.

Ketamine Infusions

Compared to most antidepressants, ketamine infusions offer results more quickly. Many patients feel relief during their first session. Ketamine infusions are administered in our office under careful guidance and supervision.


Spravato esketamine nasal spray is a great alternative to ketamine infusions, particularly for those seeking an option covered by insurance. Spravato is closely related to ketamine but has the advantage of formal FDA approval for treatment-resistant depression.

Our Location

Many sufferers of depression, PTSD, anxiety, ADHD, and OCD have been prescribed anti-depressants (SSRIs) with limited success and disruptive side effects. Our individualized approach to mental health embraces Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, Ketamine Therapy, Spravato, and Intensive Outpatient Programs that may be employed in conjunction with traditional psychotherapy methods. Our success rates are incredibly promising, in particular with people who have struggled with traditional meds or treatment-resistant depression. Our highly personalized TMS treatment plans have been shown to be 92.5% effective when tailored to your needs.

Who Can Benefit

Most of the time depression is found in patients who suffer from multiple conditions. Learn about the conditions we treat.


Depression interferes with your thoughts and feelings. It may cause you to feel intense sadness or apathy and disrupt your daily life.


Anxiety is a condition that causes intrusive thoughts, fears, and worries. It can manifest physically in increased heart rate and shortness of breath.


ADHD is a disorder that affects your ability to concentrate and decreases impulse control. It often makes work and home life difficult.


PTSD comes from experiencing a traumatic event. It is normal to feel anxious or depressed afterward, which can worsen over time.

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Results that Last

Bespoke Treatment focuses on non-medication treatments that last. We are the first boutique center in Southern California to specialize in personalized TMS therapy, Ketamine Therapy, and IOP. We accept most insurance plans and our administrative team makes the claim process easy. We guide new patients through every step of the process and help obtain any prior authorization on your behalf.

92.5% of our patients experience benefits from TMS when medifications fail


Insurance Coverage

Bespoke Treatment has an office location in the Little Tokyo area of Downtown Los Angeles. We offer a variety of alternative mental health treatments for depression, anxiety, PTSD, and OCD. Our most common treatments include TMS therapy, ketamine treatment, neurofeedback, and EMDR therapy. We also provide an intensive outpatient program, a unique treatment that tailors therapy methods to each patient’s personal needs. This program is designed to induce neuroplasticity and promote natural recovery.

The downtown area where our office is located is bordered by several well known neighborhoods including Hollywood, Silver Lake, Echo Park, and Boyle Heights. Our second location is further west in the city of Santa Monica.

The city of Los Angeles, California has a population of a whopping 4 million residents, second only to New York. It is located in Southern California, bordered by the Pacific Ocean and surrounded by mountains. Los Angeles County is the home to the city of LA, but the Greater Los Angeles area refers to the sprawling region that includes Pasadena, Riverside, Burbank, and Studio City.

This sprawling city is best known for diversity, prosperity, and the Hollywood entertainment industry. L.A. is a popular tourist destination, with highlights such as the classic Hollywood Sign, Rodeo Drive, Disneyland, and the beaches.

Also known as the “Creative Capital of the World”, L.A. is a cultural hub when it comes to the arts and entertainment. One-sixth of its residents work in the creative industry as either artists, filmmakers, dancers, actors, musicians, or writers. There are more creative workers living in Los Angeles than there have ever been in any other city.

The city got its creative start early on; it is home to the oldest film school in the United States, the USC School of Cinematic Arts. Now it is known as the center of the motion picture and television industries, and hosts the Grammy Awards, Academy Awards, and Primetime Emmy Awards each year.

With a culture that fosters and promotes creativity, Los Angeles values the human mind. This also means they value mental wellbeing; The L.A. County Department of Mental Health is the largest in the nation. They offer a wide variety of direct services to residents and have contracted with almost 1,000 mental health providers, including Mental Health America of Los Angeles.


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