It’s not unusual for individuals who haven’t experienced Ketamine treatments before to feel nervous, much like any other initial medical procedure. There may be questions, worries, and uncertainties regarding the potential variations in experiences. These feelings are completely legitimate since, similar to any treatment, Ketamine can yield diverse results due to factors such as dosage and the patient’s overall health.

What Can Patients Anticipate?

Patients can typically expect to receive Ketamine in a medical clinic setting through intravenous infusion, and this is the first aspect of the treatment to be aware of. If you’re feeling nervous about the treatment, it’s important to know that this is very common among new patients not know what to expect. However, initial experiences with Ketamine can vary widely among patients. Some individuals may report not sensing any notable changes in their mental state during their first treatment, while others may express a sense of comfort and relaxation that they haven’t experienced in years.

Due to its dissociative properties, Ketamine can lead some patients to feel a disconnection from their body. When administered at lower doses, these sensations can be pleasurable, enabling patients to gain a more objective perspective on their lives. This is why Ketamine is used as a treatment for individuals with PTSD, as it helps them avoid re-experiencing traumatic emotions while addressing the underlying issues. In the case of depression, Ketamine can help individuals in feeling less isolated and more connected with others during their therapeutic journey.

What Are the Most Common Sensations?

Patients often describe the therapeutic effects of Ketamine as akin to a sensation of floating outside their own body, pleasantly detached from their physical self. For some, this experience may lead to heightened sensory awareness, with colors appearing more vivid and vibrant.

Typically, Ketamine induces a sense of pain relief in patients. This is why close monitoring is essential to prevent any accidental self-harm. When patients receive Ketamine infusions, it’s common for them to experience feelings of happiness, tranquility, and profound relaxation. 

Some individuals may also briefly encounter confusion and mild nausea, but these symptoms tend to dissipate. It’s not uncommon for patients to briefly perceive alterations in their perception of time or space, but these effects are generally short-lived.

 The Positive Outcomes of Ketamine

After receiving Ketamine infusion therapy, the effects typically last for roughly thirty minutes to an hour. While it’s advisable to avoid making important decisions or driving on the same day as the treatment, patients can usually resume their regular activities without difficulty shortly thereafter. In most cases, the initial positive sensation patients report is a reduction in the anxious feelings they previously experienced. This relief can sometimes manifest immediately following the treatment. If patients encounter feelings of dissociation, they may find it easier to deconstruct negative thought patterns or societal norms that may contribute to their psychological distress.

Any transient negative effects tend to dissipate quickly, and when patients are informed about what to expect, their experiences are generally more pleasant. Nausea is a common post-therapy occurrence, so it is recommended that patients only consume clear liquids for up to two hours before the treatment and refrain from eating for up to four hours afterward.

Is Ketamine Therapy Safe?

Yes, when administered correctly at a certified facility like Bespoke Treatment. In general, Ketamine infusion therapy should not be undertaken without medical supervision. The primary reason for this caution is the intricacy of dosing. Patients receive a precise dosage during their infusion to ensure they achieve the intended mental effects and outcomes. With medical supervision, the likelihood of experiencing adverse after-effects is greatly minimized. One of our experienced practitioners will oversee patients’ care before, during, and after their ketamine infusion therapy sessions.

For further inquiries about Ketamine therapy, please don’t hesitate to reach us at 833-646-0763. If you or someone you know is interested in Ketamine Infusion Therapy, feel free to contact us to schedule your initial session today!

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