The Rise of Telemedicine: Online IOP

Telehealth services have surged in popularity over the last few years. This goes for physical health services as well as mental health services. The COVID-19 pandemic forced many health practitioners to find new ways of reaching patients during quarantine. While the technology available for this kind of healthcare has existed for many years, the push to transition didn’t fully happen until the pandemic. Now, these online services are skyrocketing. Searches for “online counseling” have increased by 124% since the COVID outbreak. 

While this may have been a response to quarantine, online therapy is here to stay. Now that most businesses are functioning in person again, its popularity hasn’t decreased. Additionally, new research shows that online therapy and mental health treatment is just as effective as traditional face-to-face therapy sessions. 

A study conducted at the University of Zurich revealed that about 50% of patients across multiple therapists were no longer diagnosed with depression after in-person counseling, and the number was almost the same for those who received online counseling. Beyond that, 57% of patients showed continued recovery at a follow-up session for online counseling, compared to just 42% for face-to-face counseling. This suggests that online therapy might be more effective than traditional in-person therapy in certain situations.

Scientists think there could be a few reasons why telehealth might be more effective for patients:

1. It leaves a paper trail

Online counseling sessions with written messages between therapist and client allow patients to review their discussions in the future. This helps them to keep advice and techniques fresh in their mind, that otherwise may have been forgotten after an in-person session.

2. It removes location barriers

Virtual treatment makes healthcare more accessible. It accommodates individuals who are unable to commute to sessions, and it can make starting therapy easier for those who are nervous or uncomfortable seeking help. Being in the comfort of one’s own home can remove some of the more intimidating aspects of seeking mental health treatment.

Telehealth services are transforming mental healthcare and helping to break down barriers for individuals seeking therapy. Of course, not everyone is suited for online services, so it’s important to consider what healthcare methods are best for you.

In order to make our services more accessible, Bespoke Treatment offers an online IOP. This is a 100% virtual version of our intensive outpatient program. It offers an integrated approach to mental health, providing a personalized treatment plan that is specifically designed around the individual, just like our traditional IOP. A treatment plan can consist of a combination of therapies and treatments to best support you as an individual rather than treating a diagnosis.

All consultations, therapy sessions, check-ins, and treatments such as mindfulness meditation are conducted online. If your plan includes ketamine treatment, medications are mailed directly to you and are taken under virtual guidance of one of our therapists. You can read more about our online IOP here, or schedule a free consultation with one of our health professionals to find out what treatment is best for you.

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