Questions to Ask Your Provider Before Receiving Ketamine Treatment

Ketamine therapy is a type of mental health treatment that is used to treat a variety of conditions, including treatment-resistant depression, PTSD, anxiety, OCD, and more. If you are planning on receiving ketamine therapy, these are some important questions to discuss with your provider before your first treatment, and the answers we give our clients here at Bespoke Treatment.

How much experience with ketamine treatment does your team have?

You should always make sure your clinic has extensive knowledge and experience with ketamine treatment. Ketamine is extremely safe when administered properly, but you want to make sure your wellbeing is in the right hands.

Here at Bespoke Treatment, education comes first. Ben Spielberg, CEO and founding neuroscientist, received a Master of Science in Neuroscience and Education at Columbia University. He also has research experience in clinical neuromodulation and neuroimaging on the subject of ketamine and its uses in the mental health field. His work has been published in numerous medical journals and he has assembled a team of bright and caring minds to bring the best possible mental healthcare to you. Our team of licensed health professionals includes ketamine specialists and trained infusion nurses who are experienced in the ketamine treatment process and passionate about your wellbeing.

What kind of ketamine treatment is best for me?

Before you agree to receiving any treatment, your provider should discuss your ketamine options, which one may be the best option for you, and why.

There are many different methods of administering ketamine, and new methods are coming into popularity each year. The two more traditional methods we offer are ketamine infusions and the esketamine nasal spray, also known as Spravato. We also offer rapid dissolve tablets and intramuscular injections. Infusions must be administered by a medical professional in a clinic, but other methods may be approved for at-home administration under virtual supervision by a team member.

Each method has its pros and cons, so we undergo thorough evaluation and assessment to help you choose the method that you feel most comfortable with and may be most effective.

What are the side effects and what can I expect during treatment?

As with any medication, ketamine treatment has side effects, and you should know what to expect before you put a new substance in your body. The most commonly reported side effects include feelings of lightheadedness or dizziness during infusion, or mild hallucinations. These should subside shortly after treatment. Many patients report feeling sluggish or tired in the hours following treatment, so patients are required to have a family member or friend drive them home from the clinic. 

How will we measure my progress?Before you start any treatment, your provider should work with you to develop a full treatment plan with specific goals in mind and planned methods to track your progress.

With Bespoke Treatment, you will meet with a team member regularly throughout your treatment course to discuss your progress and make any necessary changes to your treatment plan.

How soon can I start feeling relief?

Everyone responds differently to ketamine treatment, so don’t feel alarmed if you don’t see a change right away. Some people report feeling a difference after the first treatment session, even within the first 6 hours. Approximately 75% of patients see an improvement within three days after treatment. However, it can take longer for some patients, so continue to discuss your feelings and experiences with your provider as treatment continues.

What if I don’t feel better?

With any mental health treatment, relief is not a guarantee. If ketamine therapy doesn’t work for you, you should be ready to discuss the next options with your provider.

At Bespoke Treatment, we create personalized treatment plans that treat the individual, not the diagnosis. If your treatment isn’t effective, we will be ready to assess your goals, adjust your plan, and provide you with new options that may work better for you.

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