How To Treat Anxiety Without Medication Using Neurofeedback

Anxiety disorders were common before 2020, but we’ve seen an exponential rise this year thanks to the global pandemic. If anxiety is affecting your ability to function, the answer may lie in painless and medication-free neurofeedback.

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental health issue, affecting more than 40 million adults in the United States. Thanks to the current healthcare crisis, the CDC and Census Bureau report that one-third of Americans now display clinical signs of anxiety and/or depression.

Our team here at Bespoke Treatment understands the many forms that anxiety can take and the effects that each can have on your life. Thankfully, we can address the problem at its source through neurofeedback, without the need for medications.

In the following, we explore how neurofeedback can help quell your anxiety to bring you much-needed peace of mind.

The many faces of anxiety

As we mentioned, anxiety can take on many forms, including:

● Generalized anxiety disorder
● Obsessive-compulsive disorder
● Panic disorder
● Phobias
● Post-traumatic stress disorder
● Social anxiety disorder

In some cases, these disorders may be mild enough so that you’re able to carry on with your life without too much trouble. For many, however, an anxiety disorder can disrupt your life in significant ways, from panic attacks to the inability to go outside.

What these anxiety disorders share in common is that they place you in a heightened fight-or-flight mode, which can have an effect on your physical, mental, and emotional health.

How neurofeedback works
The more we understand about how the human brain works, the better we’re becoming at regulating mental health, which is evident in the success of neurofeedback.

Also called electroencephalogram feedback, this technique is one in which we monitor the activity of your brainwaves in order to identify unhealthy patterns in your central nervous system. Using external stimuli, we provide immediate feedback to reorganize your brain’s activity so that you can better regulate your brainwaves.

Ultimately, our goal is to retrain your brain toward healthier thinking patterns and away from the flight-or fight mode that results from anxiety.

Getting started with neurofeedback
At our practice, we use a neurofeedback system called IASIS, through which we deliver microcurrents into your brain to adjust your brain activity.

Undergoing neurofeedback is quick and easy — when you come in, we attach electrodes to your head to monitor the activity in your brain and deliver the microcurrents when needed. These microcurrents are not perceptible to you, so don’t worry about any discomfort.

Many of our patients report immediate improvement in their anxiety after just one session, but you’ll reap the full benefits after your full course of neurofeedback treatments.

If you want to break free from your anxiety without relying on medications, contact one of our two locations in Santa Monica or Los Angeles, California, to set up a consultation.


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