Living with depression can be challenging, affecting our thoughts, feelings, and the way we experience the world around us. However, when it seems like you’ve tried everything and conventional treatments and medications don’t seem to help, you may be experiencing treatment-resistant depression (TRD). 

At times it may seem no one understands what you’re going through, and you will never find relief for your depression symptoms, however, it’s important to remember TRD is extremely common. Studies show one in three people living with depression don’t experience relief of their symptoms with conventional depression treatments. 

The good news is that there is hope. After years of research, a ground-breaking discovery has been made that has actually been under our noses the entire time. Recent studies show that ketamine, an FDA-approved anesthetic commonly used by pediatricians and veterinarians in the past is also highly effective at treating treatment-resistant depression and has been proven to work faster than conventional depression medications. 

At Bespoke Treatment in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, we offer personalized treatment plans using a unique combination of holistic and evidence-based modalities, such as TMS and ketamine therapy, that’s tailored to your unique mental health needs. Here’s what you can expect from this breakthrough therapy.

Ketamine infusion therapy

During infusion therapy, small doses of ketamine are administered intravenously through a gradual, controlled process. This combination helps alleviate depression symptoms almost immediately and has been proven to have long-term positive effects on the areas of the brain responsible for mood and behaviors. 

While still being studied, recent research indicates that it triggers faster alterations in brain function, leading to the rapid alleviation of depressive symptoms, often occurring within only hours. In addition, ketamine stimulates an increase in glutamate, a pivotal neurotransmitter that establishes essential neural connections why also constructing new pathways within the brain, restoring normal function in the areas most affected by depression symptoms. 

In addition, ketamine infusion therapy has been shown to be more than just a highly effective antidepressant treatment. It also provides fast and sustainable relief from symptoms among patients experiencing persistent anxiety, suicidal ideations, chronic pain, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Ketamine infusion protocol

While traditional antidepressant medications such as SSRIs need time to build up in your system before they begin working and don’t always work for everyone, ketamine offers relief after just a single session. However, it’s important to remember, although ketamine therapy is highly effective, for long term effects, a treatment plan is essential. Treatment plans are completely customizable, tailored to each individual’s unique needs. Each session aims to restore optimal function of the brain to achieve long lasting remission of depressive symptoms. 

For those seeking treatment for treatment-resistant depression or other mental health conditions, ketamine infusion therapy protocol initially calls for a series of six infusions spaced out over two to three weeks. In this course of treatment, an infusion is typically done every other day or every two days until the full six infusions are completed. 

It’s important to remember that while ketamine therapy can provide dramatic changes in mood and brain function after a single treatment, it may not work the same for everyone. For some individuals, the relief of symptoms may be mild and will gradually improve over the course of the treatment. 

Ketamine infusion boosters

For most individuals, after completing the initial ketamine infusion treatment of six infusions, you’ll likely experience full remission of depression symptoms. Patients will typically experience roughly three months of remission before symptoms gradually begin to return. The good news is that a “booster” infusion is usually all that is needed to reverse the symptoms and stay in remission. 

These “booster” infusions are provided on as as-needed basis which usually consists of two infusions over the course of one or two days. Some individuals may require a recurring ketamine booster every month to keep their symptoms in full remission while others may only need a booster every six months. 

As one of the first mental health clinics in Southern California and Nevada to offer ketamine infusions, Bespoke Treatment provides professional mental health care from experienced specialists  who are dedicated to providing this innovative therapy for people with depression and other mental health disorders.

 If you’re ready to try ketamine therapy today and overcome your depression, reach out to your nearest Bespoke Treatment office in Los Angeles or Las Vegas today, or schedule a visit online at any time! 

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