An Effective Treatment For Anxiety Is Waiting For You

An Effective Treatment For Anxiety Is Waiting For You

If you are one of the 40 million people who suffer from anxiety, then you know how terrifying it can feel. Perhaps worst of all, the horrifying effects of anxiety can come from out of nowhere. One second you are enjoying an evening with friends and the next you feel like you are fighting for your life. Your heart starts racing. The room suddenly begins to close in around you. It feels like you can no longer breathe. You know from prior experience that you are not dying, but it somehow always feels like you are.

It is easy for those who have never experienced anxiety to callously dismiss it. However, it is so traumatic that we have actually lost beautiful, wonderful people to suicide because of its debilitating effects. It is deeply distressing to suffer through and while suicide might sound like an extreme, for those who live with the crippling effects of anxiety every single day, it is easy to understand the desperation.

Anxiety in the Dark Ages

Many people believe that anxiety disorder is a fairly recent discovery. However, there is historical evidence that shows us that anxiety has actually been recognized for centuries. There are suggestions of it being diagnosed and identified as a type of disorder by Greek physicians, Latin physicians, and Ancient Epicurean and Stoic philosophers.

It was the Greek who gave anxiety one of the most unflattering labels imaginable. They called it “hysteria” and this demeaning term would arguably come to haunt female sufferers of anxiety to this very day. The word hysteria was derived from “hystera,” a Greek word for the uterus. Male medical practitioners during that era believed that it was only females who were impacted by the weight and terror of panic attacks. It was seen as “hysterical” behavior. While there is no proof that Plato himself believed this, he is on record as saying that the uterus was “blocking passages, obstructing breathing and causing disease.” It only got worse from there.

In the early days of the Renaissance, people took “hysteria” even further by claiming that those who experienced it must be witches. If you showed any signs of anxiety order or tried to explain to those around you what you were feeling, then you would run the risk of persecution. This could mean being burned at the stake, tortured, or executed in a number of other ways.

While it is true that women are more likely to experience anxiety than men, it has nothing to do with the uterus. It is actually due to differences in brain chemistry and how our bodies respond. Besides, there are plenty of male sufferers of this terrible disorder that will tell you how very real it is, regardless of your gender. Aren’t you glad you are not living in the dark ages?

Ketamine Infusion Therapy is the New Way to Treat Anxiety 

Since those ancient times, there have been some wonderful advancements when it comes to the way we perceive, diagnose, and treat anxiety. None of them are as potentially lifesaving as Ketamine Infusion Therapy, though. We mean that quite literally.

There have actually been reports of emergency rooms using various forms of ketamine treatment to help save the lives of suicidal patients. Ketamine works directly on the brain receptors to provide instant relief from depression, suicidal thoughts, and even chronic pain. That means that someone can start feeling relief immediately, rather than having to wait a long period of time for things such as pharmaceutical or psychiatric treatment. There are even some emergency rooms that are now recommending the use of ketamine for physical pain instead of morphine. Studies have shown that ketamine can have the same kind of calming effects without the risk of dependency.

Bespoke Treatment Can Help You Make Anxiety a Thing of the Past 

Bespoke Treatment is pleased to be Southern California’s leading choice for Ketamine Infusion Therapy. We have an incredible staff of professionals who are both competent and compassionate. We realize how traumatic it can be to feel trapped inside of a body that is struggling to breathe. There is no scarier feeling than that of panic setting in. We want to help you get better.

At our Los Angeles location we can give you immediate relief with the phenomenal effects of Ketamine Infusion Therapy. This is the absolute best way of receiving ketamine into your body, as it is able to be processed without the possible blockages that can be experienced with oral dosages.

We hope that you decide that today is the day to do something important for yourself. Today is the day to stop putting yourself last. It is time for you to experience relief. It is time for you to be freed from the imprisonment of anxiety. Please call us today to schedule a consultation. We know it will be one of the most important phone calls you will ever make.  Leave your anxiety behind. Book an appointment today!

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