A Ketamine Infusion: What to expect during your first infusion

You might be familiar with ketamine, a drug commonly used for its anesthetic properties in emergency rooms, however, is now rapidly gaining recognition due to its swift alleviation of depression, anxiety, and even post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 

Ketamine has recently garnered widespread attention for its potential to treat various mental health conditions that are often difficult to treat with conventional therapies and medications, and those medications that do sometimes work typically require days or even weeks to take effect. In contrast to conventional approaches, ketamine offers almost immediate relief with enduring benefits, prompting numerous medical professionals and researchers to reevaluate this exceptional drug.

So, what has led to the surge in ketamine’s popularity? And if you’re considering this form of treatment, what should you anticipate?

The First Step

To begin your journey, your first step will involve an initial consultation with Dr. Ben Spielberg.

This initial appointment serves as an informative session, allowing you to familiarize yourself with Dr. Ben Spielberg and gain insights into the process ahead. During this meeting, Dr. Ben Spielberg will delve into your physical and mental health history to gain a thorough understanding of your unique needs and preferences. Rest assured, there is no fixed duration for this initial consultation, and Dr. Ben Spielberg will devote as much time as necessary to address all your questions and concerns. 

After his initial session, your treatment plan and the first ketamine dosage will be determined by a multitude of factors, encompassing your individual medical history, body weight, age, prior treatment experiences, and other relevant considerations. 

The following ketamine treatments will be tailored to your response to the initial treatment.

What is the Duration of Ketamine Treatments?

The duration of your ketamine infusion treatments typically varies depending on the condition being treated. For individuals with depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder, and other mood disorders, the treatments generally span 45 to 60 minutes. However, patients seeking ketamine for pain management may require a larger dose administered over an extended period.

The ketamine infusion experience is characterized by comfort and relaxation. During your treatment, you’ll recline in a large, comfortable chair, and for the following 40 to 60 minutes, most patients report experiencing a sensation of warmth and well-being. If desired, we provide soft blankets for added comfort.

It’s important to note that during your treatment, you won’t lose consciousness. Instead, you’ll encounter a mild euphoric sensation – often described by our patients as a “warm out-of-body experience.” Your mind remains aware and engaged while your body feels deeply relaxed. Your ketamine treatment can resemble a therapeutic session in itself, leaving you revitalized and rejuvenated once the effects subside. Unlike many SSRI drugs that require weeks or months to take effect, ketamine treatments offer immediate benefits, which is a significant advantage.

Some patients describe a “dissociation” effect during treatment, and many find this feeling enjoyable. For most individuals, this dissociation contributes to the effectiveness of their ketamine treatment, yielding a positive response. It’s important to understand that this is a normal part of the treatment process, and you will always be in a safe environment with attentive staff available to assist and supervise you at all times.

After Your Treatment

Following your treatment, you’re invited to relax in our “lounge” within our comfortable office space. We offer you an iPad and noise-canceling headphones from the moment you step into our office and throughout your session. You can unwind in our spa-like lounge, listen to music of your choice, and indulge in amenities such as lemon water, herbal tea, lattes, or water at your leisure until you decide it’s time to conclude your visit.

Many of our patients opt to linger in our lounge for 30 to 60 minutes after their treatment, and you are more than welcome to do so. Ketamine levels in your bloodstream are still relatively high at this point, and we ensure a safe and confidential environment for you to relax after your session until you feel prepared to leave.

Throughout your entire session, you remain clothed and simply recline in our comfortable chairs, just like you would if you were in your own home.

While you’re encouraged to bring along family members and friends, we recommend that you receive your treatment privately in our exclusive treatment rooms specially designed to enhance your ketamine experience.

We provide noise-canceling headphones and a blindfold to enable you to drift away to music of your choice or select from our curated playlists, enhancing the sensory experience and maximizing the effectiveness of your ketamine treatment.

What to Expect From Your First Ketamine Infusion Session

As we begin your session, our doctor or nurse will initiate your ketamine IV session by locating a suitable vein in your arm, hand, or wrist, employing the smallest possible IV needle to ensure minimal discomfort – we assure you of that.

The IV is linked to an IV pump that precisely administers measured doses of ketamine throughout your infusion, ensuring a balanced treatment experience.

Throughout your ketamine treatment, we diligently monitor your vital signs, including pulse, oxygen levels, and blood pressure.

Following your session, we will remove the IV, and we encourage an open discussion about your thoughts and feelings. You’re welcome to linger in our office for as long as you desire – many patients opt to stay for an additional 30 to 60 minutes after their infusion treatment.

Although it is rare to experience nausea, if it does occur, we can effectively manage it by incorporating Zofran into your treatment, a widely-used anti-nausea medication found in hospitals and ERs worldwide.

At the end of your treatment, you’ll quickly regain full mental clarity within minutes. Some patients may feel a bit tired post-infusion, while others may feel completely fine and ready to leave our office immediately. In either scenario, you are invited to relax in our lounge and indulge in a beverage and/or light snack.

It’s important to note that ketamine treatments involve low doses, far less than those used in general anesthesia, and do not induce sleep. Therefore, your mental alertness will return rapidly after the infusion.

At Bespoke Treatment offices your safety is our top priority. We strongly recommend arranging for transportation to and from our office for your treatment. We do not permit patients to drive themselves home after their infusion, so please make suitable arrangements in advance, such as utilizing ride-sharing services like Uber or Lyft or having a trusted friend or family member accompany you.

Improve Your Quality of Life

Ketamine treatments have proven to be incredibly effective, benefiting 80-85% of our patients dealing with depression or various mood disorders. For those living with PTSD, we have observed an even higher success rate of 85-95%.

For the majority of our patients, this therapy has been nothing short of life-changing. As a vital component of our bespoke treatment approach, we will maintain contact through text messages to check on your emotional well-being and monitor your day-to-day emotions. Our commitment to your care extends beyond the treatment room, ensuring that you receive ongoing support before, during, and after your ketamine treatments.

Next Steps

To start your journey toward wellness with ketamine infusion therapy, please reach out to us at (833)926–3358 or alternatively contact us online to schedule your complimentary consultation today. We eagerly await our conversation with you.

Thank you.

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