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Our Mission

We provide highly effective, cutting-edge treatments for Veterans struggling with depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, and suicidal ideation. Our mission is to help Veterans live the joyful, healthy, and fulfilling lives they deserve.


We Are Fully Licensed & Accredited

Bespoke Treatment provides intensive outpatient programs for veterans in California. They are Joint Commission and HIPAA verified and have a 5 star Google rating.

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Bespoke Treatment has been featured on Psychology Today, WebMD, Forbes, RealSimple, Nike, VeryWell Mind, and more for Veterans depression treatment in California and LA.

Welcome To The Future Of Mental Healthcare

Science has advanced in leaps and bounds, but most treatment centers don’t offer the latest therapies. Instead, they prescribe the same old one-size-fits-all treatment plans for depression and anxiety. But those treatments may not work for everyone. 


That’s why Bespoke Treatment focuses on the patient as an individual. Our medical team creates personalized treatment plans based on your history and your goals. Along the way, we keep an eye on your progress and optimize our approach based on your results. 

Alternative Treatments for Depression That Work


We create personalized treatment plans using a unique combination of holistic and evidence-based modalities, such as TMS and ketamine therapy, for those looking for a breakthrough.


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Ketamine Therapy, Spravato, TMS Therapy, and Neurofeedback.

Our patients find relief even after other treatment methods haven't worked.

Who Can Benefit

Veterans who suffer from depression, anxiety, PTSD, and/or OCD can expect huge benefits from our programs.


Depression interferes with your thoughts and feelings. It may cause you to feel intense sadness or apathy and disrupt your daily life.



Anxiety is a condition that causes intrusive thoughts, fears, and worries. It can manifest physically in increased heart rate and shortness of breath.


Obsessive compulsive disorder, or OCD, is a condition in which a person’s life is interrupted or ruled by a cycle of obsessions and compulsions.


PTSD comes from experiencing a traumatic event. It is normal to feel anxious or depressed afterward, which can worsen over time.

Personalized Intensive Outpatient Program for Depression, Anxiety, & PTSD

Our highly personalized treatment plans have
been shown to be 92.5% effective when tailored to your needs.

Start Your Journey to Healing Today

Let our compassionate, capable Client Specialists and staff members help you navigate the admissions process. We will check your eligibility and insurance information and guide you through the entire Veterans admissions process. That way, you can focus on what’s most important: your recovery. We’re here for you at any time to answer your questions.

Yes, We Accept Insurance!
Insurance Coverage

Bespoke Treatment is Contracted With the Department of Veterans Affairs and is an Approved VA Community Care Provider


We are the only ketamine-assisted therapy provider in the country contracted with the Department of Defense. Call us today to speak with a specialist now.

Results that Last

Bespoke Treatment specializes in providing alternatives to psychiatric medication: alternatives that offer long-term results. We’re proud to be the first boutique center in Southern California specializing in personalized TMS therapy, neurofeedback, and Ketamine treatment. Getting started with Bespoke Treatment is easy. 


We take most insurance plans and our administrative team ensures your claim process is simple and seamless. 


New patients receive guidance through every part of the process, including obtaining prior authorizations on your behalf.


92.5% of our patients experience benefits from TMS when medifications fail

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